Expand a Calendar Item: Clicking on any of the items posted in the calendar will give provide an expanded view with more details of any event. To close the item's expanded view, just click anywhere outside the item.

Sort the Calendar: Click on the "Calendars" button located above the month label. Click the "Hide All Calendars" button. Then scroll back through the listed calendar subjects and select one or more from the list. Click anywhere outside this list box and you will then be able to view only the items from the "Calendars" you selected. To view all items again, click "Calendars" and then click "Show All Calendars" and click anywhere on the page outside of this list area.

Changing Months: Click on the desired month which is listed below the calendar grid to view a different month.

Changing Views: You have the option of viewing this by the day, week, month as well as a list option. The buttons to change to these views are above the calendar grid.

As with all event calendars, it is subject to change so if you ever have a questions, don't hesitate to contact the Y (641.673.8411). This calendar can be sorted to help you find exactly what you're looking for! If you have any questions, please email the "Web Site Content Coordinator."

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