Queenax Functional Training

 (Beginner- Intermediate)

Our core is at the center of everything we do. It allows us to sit, stand, reach, and bend. Functional training is replicating actual physical activities we experience in our everyday living. When we train functionally, we train to strengthen and improve balance and coordination in order to become more independent individuals. Together — Core and Functional Training blend together to create Queenax Functional Fitness where strengthening the core and the major muscles groups are the primary focus. In this class, you’ll be find yourself strengthening the core in every exercise you do whether you’re working your legs, back, or focusing solely on the core. This class is all about the strength and toning to improve your overall ability to function.

Queenax Bootcamp

(Beginner- Intermediate)

An all-in-one workout that wraps strength training, agility, core, and plyometrics together for one fantastic workout! Your instructor will use a variety of equipment, technique, and even games to keep you guessing each time you show up. Think this workout is tough? Well it is, but it is a workout designed for people of all physical abilities with modifications and alternative moves guaranteed to make you never feel left out. Bootcamp is all about what you put into it, and our promise is to get the most out of you each and every time. Join us today and begin shaping a new you the fun way!

Queenax Beginner

(Mobility Work)

This program will focus mainly on flexibility.  This will be a short class that will also work on self-myofascial release and working on our mobility to help our day to day tasks easier while also feeling better.  Having tight muscles can wreak havoc on the body and cause you to feel pain in certain areas.  Join us today to Loosen up!


(Will be similar classes and level of difficulty)

Intermediate – Advanced)

These two classes will be tough and push you physically as well as mentally.  These two classes are all about giving it your all, all the time, every single time. You don’t have to be the most experienced exerciser to join this class, you just have to be willing to give it everything you got. In this high intensity class, you’ll rotate through various exercises on the Queenax where you’ll perform as many reps as possible in short bursts of 20-30 second intervals. Move at whatever pace works for you, we just want you to go all out. At only 30 minutes, this high-paced, high energy class will fly by allowing you to not only get an amazing workout in, but allow you more time in your day to get things done.

Queenax Upper & Lower Body Core


This class will only be offered on Saturdays and will alternate between upper body and core work on one Saturday and the next Saturday will be all lower body exercises followed by core work.  This class will be a great way to blast your core as every exercise on the Queenax makes you engage your core to the fullest.  If you like being pushed and challenging yourself this will be a great class for you.