Water Aerobics: This class offers a great aerobic workout while taking the strain off joints in the water. Participants will go through stretching, cardiovascular exercises, and strength training exercises. Each participant will have their own set of water weights to use during the strength training portion. No swimming experience is necessary. Deep Water Aerobics: For a new twist on the classic water aerobics class, try deep water on for size. While focusing on a complete workout with stretching, cardio, core, and strengthening exercises, deep water aerobics is sure to hit the spot for aqua fanatics.
All classes are included in the price of membership.

Open/Lap Swim:

During any Mahaska County YMCA Open Swim time, families can come splash and play, swim enthusiasts can do laps, and those learning to swim can get extra practice on their own time. Special lap swimming tips and instructions are listed with theĀ YMCA Pool Schedule. Open and Lap Swim are included in the basic membership package.